Affordable Internet at Home
for Eligible Households

Watch these videos and learn about different Internet-related topics. Then have fun interacting with them at the end.

  • Learn about phishing and how to avoid taking the bait. Then play a fun game that helps you sharpen your phishing radar.
  • Learn about cyberbullying and the steps to take if you or your child becomes a victim. Then play a game that lets you practice dealing with cyberbullies.
  • Learn how to spot spam and prevent it from reaching your inbox. Then play a fun game that tests your spam smarts.
  • Learn about the dangers of spyware and how to protect yourself with anti-spyware software. Then test your spyware spotting skills with a fun game.
  • Identity Theft

    Learn about Identity Theft, how to protect your information and what to do if you've been victimized. Then take a short quiz to make sure you're prepared.
  • Learn how to create a strong password and what makes one password better than another. Then complete a fun exercise to practice building strong passwords.
  • Learn how to keep your computer healthy. Find out about antivirus software and why you need it. Then test your knowledge with a fun quiz.
  • Learn what social networks are and how to use them safely. Then test your knowledge of online safety when using sites like Facebook® and Twitter®.
  • Data Backup

    Learn how easy it is to back up your files. Then test your knowledge with a short, fun quiz.